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Treating your pond is vital whether it is in good health or not. Continuously maintaining the health of your pond can be an easy task with high-quality pond treatments and products from some big brands like Aqua source.

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Common pond problems that need treatment

If you’re thinking about adding a pond to your garden, it is important you take into consideration the ongoing maintenance that will be needed during the lifespan of your pond. At Pond Planet we sell a variety of treatments and single products to ensure your pond is healthy at all times - however care and attention is needed when using these.

Algae can be a common problem in ponds, particularly in summer time. There are two main forms of algae - blanket weed and green/cloudy water. Both forms do not usually exist together in one pond, as green/cloudy water does not allow natural sunlight for blanket weed to grow. If your pond is suffering from this it is important to use a pond treatment rather than changing the pond water, as this will promote the problem to grow further.

If your water appears to be discoloured and your fish seem in poor health, we would advise you look into using a sludge remover. These signs usually suggest that your pond may be suffering from a toxic sludge layer. Our selection of sludge removers can be used directly in the water itself or alternatively in the pond filter.