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Pond Volume Calculator

How much water is in my pond? Find out with the Pond Volume Calculator!

Though calculating how much water is in your pond might seem like a simple task, many people run into confusion when working out the correct measurements.

Our pond volume calculator makes the process easy. Enter your pond's length, width, and depth in metres, and our pond volume calculator will calculate the approximate water volume! 

Why do I need to know how much water is in my pond?

Knowing how much water is in your pond is important. Below, we've covered the three main reasons you need to know this crucial measurement.


Pond volume and pond equipment

It's important to know how much water is in your pond to choose the right pond equipment. Items such as pond pumps and pond filters are designed to meet limits based on your pond water volume, so it's essential to have the right information and measurements!


Calculating pond treatment

Knowing how much water is in your pond is especially important for pond treatments. If you don't have an accurate pond volume measure or your pond volume to treatment ratio is off, you risk your pond treatment being ineffective or damaging to your pond water, fish, and plants.


Calculating how many fish you can have in your pond

Your pond volume directly impacts how many fish you can have in your pond. Knowing how much water is in your pond will allow you to plan accordingly and prevent accidentally buying too many fish. Too many fish in your pond will cause overcrowding, which you want to avoid. Overcrowding results in a lack of oxygen, low water quality, stressed fish and subsequent health issues. However, you don't need to worry about it with our pond volume calculator. Our pond volume calculator will provide you with the perfect measurements you need to ensure a thriving pond and happy fish!


What size pump should I buy for my pond?

You should purchase a pond pump that is compatible with the volume of your pond. We recommend a pump that circulates at least 50% of the pond's total volume per hour.  At Pond Planet, we have a fantastic selection of pond pumps to discover in various sizes, so you can easily find a pump to match your pond's needs.


How to calculate pond volume for different shaped ponds

Different shaped ponds require different calculations. Below, we've covered the three main shapes and how to calculate their volume. Of course, it's important to remember that your results will most often be approximate, as every pond is different. Most ponds aren't built to be perfectly vertical, and the bottom of most ponds is not perfectly flat. However, you don't need to worry about being 100% accurate with your measurements, as you will still have a good indication of your pond volume.


The standard, square or rectangular shaped pond

If you're trying to work out the pond volume for a standard square or rectangular pond, the basic formula followed by our pond volume calculator will do all the work for you.


The standard formula for a square or rectangular pond is to measure your pond's length x width x depth in metres.


For example, if your pond is 3.5 metres long, 1.2 metres wide, and around 1.5 metres deep, you would calculate your pond volume with the following formula: Length x Width x Depth x 1000. In this case, 2.5 x 1.2 x 1.5 x 1000 = 4,500 litres.


If your pond has sloping sides, you should consider this when calculating your pond width. You can do this by measuring the bottom width of your pond by the top width to get an average measurement.


The circular-shaped pond

Circular ponds are calculated slightly differently from square-shaped ponds. To calculate the pond volume of a circular pond, you will first need to work out the pond's surface area using the formula πr². To do this multiply the radius of the pond by itself and then by Pi or 3.142. You should then multiply the surface area by the pond depth to give the volume in m3. Then, multiply this value by 1000 to give a volume in litres.


For example, R x R x 3.142 x Average Pond Depth x 1000.


How to calculate pond volume for an irregular shaped pond?

Irregular shaped ponds, such as kidney-shaped ponds or ponds with different sections, can be more of a challenge when it comes to calculating pond value. The easiest way to calculate pond volume for this shape is to divide your pond into different sections, determine the surface area of each section, and then add the sum of each together. For instance, if your pond is kidney-shaped, you can divide your pond into three different areas. Measure each area separately to allow you to work out the volume of each individual area. Finally, add the three totals together to determine the total approximate pond volume.


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