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Pond Liner Calculator

Building a new pond or expanding a pre-existing one? Use the Pond Planet Pond Liner Calculator to get the perfect measurements for your pond!


Get the perfect measurements with the Pond Liner Calculator

When it comes to lining your pond, it’s essential to get the measurements just right. Whilst this may seem like a simple task, many people run into issues when calculating the correct amount of pond liner for their pond.

That’s where we come in. Our Pond Liner Calculator makes the process simple. It is easy to use and will provide you with the specific measurements you need to line your pond successfully.

Simply enter your maximum pond length, maximum pond width and maximum pond depth in metres into each box below. Our pond liner calculator will determine the exact amount of liner you’ll need!

What is a pond liner and why do I need one?

A pond liner is a watertight sheet used to prevent water seeping into the ground below. Whilst primarily used for water retention, a pond liner is also used to help keep waste, debris and sediment from infiltrating your pond. This means that your pond will be cleaner and easier to maintain in the long run.


Our pond liner calculator will provide you with the exact measurements needed for you to line your pond successfully. Shop pond liner and pond underlay at Pond Planet – Our collection is filled with everything you’ll need to create a strong and sturdy pond built to last!


How to protect your pond liner

To keep your pond at its best, it’s essential to protect your pond liner. As you dig down, you will find that the earth becomes rougher than the soil above, and sharp objects such as stones, rocks and rubble can puncture your pond liner. Pond underlay will protect your pond liner and prevent it from moving out of place. It’s also important to fit your pond with a high-quality pond pump and pond filter, which will keep your pond water clean and free of damaging debris! At Pond Planet, we have a wide selection of pond pump and filter kits to get you started. We also offer pond cover nets that will prevent leaves and debris from entering your pond and protect any fish from outside predators!


Can I fix a broken pond liner?

Provided that the damage is not too intrusive, there are many ways that you can repair your broken pond liner. Our Pond Liner Repair range has everything from foam sealants and blockers to expanding foam and repair patches!


Can I lay a new pond liner over an old pond liner?

If you’re replacing an existing pond liner, it can be very tempting to lay the new liner directly over the top of the old liner. However, we do not recommend this. Holes in your original pond liner will allow water, dirt and debris to enter between the two layers, which will eventually build up and create an uneven surface.


With this in mind, you should always remove your old liner before laying down new. This will give you the chance to take care of any ground maintenance issues and give your pond the best foundation for success. Our pond liner guide has all of the information you need!


Should I calculate overlap in the pond liner calculator?

You should always calculate the pond liner overlap required for your pond. If you don’t consider pond liner overlap, you will not have enough pond liner to secure your liner to the ground. So, you must include liner overlap when inserting your measurements into the pond liner calculator. We recommend an overlap of 2 feet.


Adding water adds significant weight to the pond liner, which can cause your pond liner to sink and reveal the dirty edges hidden beneath. Pond liner overlap takes this into account, and you can use heavy decorative items such as stones or rocks to secure the liner into place.


Building a pond, and not sure where to start? Shop our range of preformed ponds at Pond Planet, which offers everything you need to get started!