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Keep your pond fish happy and healthy with our range of quality pond fish food here at Pond Planet. We have an extensive selection of food for a wide variety of pond fish species, including goldfish, sturgeon and koi, all from leading brands such as Aqua source, Tetra Pond, Kockney Koi, Nishikoi and NT Labs. Choose from a variety of pond fish food types, including pond sticks, sinking pellets and pond flakes, all specially formulated to provide your fish with the nutrients they need to thrive. You’ll find everything you need to support their diets throughout the year, including specially formulated winter foods and year-round foods, so you can provide the best possible care at all times.

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The extensive range of pond fish food here at Pond Planet will keep your pond fish healthy and filled with all the nutrients that they need. Enriched with high protein, the selection of koi food will help your pond fish to grow, improve their digestion and maintain colour.

Koi Food: Facts to know when feeding your fish 

As a pond owner, you will already know the importance of food and treatments for your fish and how the food that you give them will affect their growth. Just because a koi eats all of the food given to it, it doesn’t mean that the product is healthy for them. Some fish food contains additives which will increase the enjoyment of the food, but this may mean that the fish is being deprived of other nutrients. When a koi is fed nutritious food, they grow larger, develop vibrant colours and have improved health and immunity.

Getting the most out of your fish food

Whether you are searching for flakes, pellets or sticks to feed your fish, there is a wide selection of fish foods available that will keep your pond water at the highest quality. Pond Planet offers koi food which can be used all year round or seasonally depending upon your preference. Make sure that your pond is maintained with the selection of pond supplies available at Pond Planet.