Tips To Keep A Pond Clean

If you’ve done your research before you decided to install a pond into your garden then you probably already understand that they require a lot of attention and care to keep them healthy. Here at Pond Planet we like to be the helping hand that all water gardeners need to make the best of their pond; that’s why we’ve put together this guide, to give you little snippets of wisdom on how best to keep your pond clean and tidy and to reduce the workload for you later. 

Create The Right Balance

Balancing out the ecosystem of your pond can be an easy step to take to help keep it correctly oxygenated and reduce the amount of algae growing on its surface.  

One way to do this is to plant the right amount of plants in your pond. Ideally, you should really aim for no more than half of your pond surface area to be covered or shaded by the plants around it. If you have any more than this, the carbon dioxide that the plants produce during photosynthesis can only happen when there is sunlight meaning too many plants can cause your pond to have oxygen deficiency. This can mean there isn’t enough oxygen for the plants and fish together and causes an unhealthy setting for the ecosystem to thrive.

Despite the notorious reputation algae seems to have earned, the right amount can be helpful for your pond’s health by feeding the right types of fish and starting the food chain. However, algae doesn’t make for a pretty sight and too much algae can also steal away oxygen from the fish who need it.

Don’t Overfeed Your Fish

By overfeeding your fish, it leaves food particles in your pond’s water that are unwanted. These bits of food can then start to decay in the water. The best way to avoid this is to feed your fish the right amount and remove any uneaten food from the water 5 minutes after feeding.

Check out our range of high quality fish food available from Pond Planet that can help reduce waste and make sure your fish are being fed the correct way.

Maintain the right fish population

In the same way the plant/algae balance can throw off the pond’s health, so can the ratio of fish you keep. Having too many fish leads to an overpopulation of the water, without enough space to handle their waste, and enough for them to have personal space and live comfortably.

Choose the right size pump

A pump is critical in making sure your pond’s water is circulating correctly and in keeping it oxygenated. Especially if you are homing fish in your pond. Choosing the correct size of pump is essential in making sure that the part the pump plays in the filter system works properly and effectively.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the pump can handle the capacity of your pond i.e. if you’re working with a pond (without Koi or fish) that is 5000L then you need a pump with a flow rate of 2500 litres per hours, as the pump should circulate the entire volume of your pond at least once every 2 hours to keep it healthy.

If you have fish living in your pond, however, making the right choice of pump size can be a bit different. Especially if you have koi as they can create much more waste than other fish, about 4 times more. This waste needs to be considered when you consider both your pump size and your filter type. When keeping fish or koi Pond Planet would recommend turning over the entire pond volume once an hour.

To find your pond’s volume capacity measure the length, width and depth of your pond in metres If you’re working with an irregular shape use averaged figures and if unsure always go bigger. For rectangular/irregular ponds you need to:

Length x Width x Depth x 1000 = Volume in Litres

Set up a proper filtration system

Which leads us nicely onto making sure you’ve set up the right filtration system for your pond. Your filter also needs to match the volume of your pond water just like your pump does. A filter is without doubt a necessity, especially if you have fish in your pond, as it keeps the water healthy and in the right shape for them to survive.

A filter removes not only some of the physical debris that your regular cleaning leaves behind, but they also have a biological filter which breaks down the toxins which enter the water from your fish, their excretion, food and other materials in the pond. 

Check out our blog post on maintaining and caring for your pond to explore the different types of filters you can choose from.

Keep your pond healthy in summer

Summer is the ideal time to appreciate the beauty of your pond in all its glory. Unfortunately, it is also the prime time for things to go a bit wrong if you’re not looking after it properly. Excessive heat and high temperatures can drastically reduce the dissolved oxygen content in your pond water making it difficult for your pond inhabitants to breathe. Air pumps are extremely important at this time of the year.

Increased sunlight and heat in the summer months can also promote excessive algae growth and the dreaded blanketweed which needs to be dealt with quickly before it overruns the pond and its environment. Pond Planet has a huge range of algae treatments to choose from.

Clean your pond regularly 

If you’ve already installed your pond then you’re obviously not the type to shy away from hard work. This energy will work in your favour when it comes to maintaining your pond’s cleanliness. Everything on our list so far will only be useful if you put a bit of work in yourself; removing the debris from the water, cleaning out your pump and filter and removing waste such as uneaten food or excretion. The more regularly you do this, the cleaner your pond water will be and the healthier an environment for your fish and plants to thrive in.

We stock a range of great pond cleaning nets and tools including a range of gloves, water vacuums and pond grabbers that help make the chore of cleaning out your pond much easier and efficient.

Hopefully we’ve provided you with a number of key and simple steps for you to follow to help you keep your pond in top shape all year round! If you stick to these your pond is sure to be the perfect garden oasis you wish for it to be! Explore our range of pond vacs and tools and get to work cleaning your pond today!

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