How To Repair A Leaking Pond Liner

There are a few different ways you can repair your pond liner if you suspect it is leaking. Thankfully we’ve put them all in one place for you to try out for yourself.

Your pond water will reduce over time due to evaporation, but this will never cause a sudden decrease in water levels. If your pond water has noticeably decreased over a short period, there’s a good chance there’s a leak in your liner.

Find The Leak

To repair a leak in your pond liner, you first need to find it.

To find where the leak is located, you need to turn off the water pump and keep track of the pond’s water level. If the level continues to drop, and it is noticeable within twenty-four hours, then this confirms the leak is in your pond liner rather than the pipework. The best way to track down the source of a liner leak is to let the water continue to drop until it settles at a constant level. Then use a small small stiff brush and scrub the liner clean of algae around the water level keeping a vigilant eye out for the problematic hole.

It’s often easier to move your fish stock to the correct holding environment if you’re struggling to find the leak and you’re going to need an empty, dry pond to fix the liner leak correctly.

Repair Your Pond Liner

Small breaks in your liner are typically easy to fix yourself and with our range of pond sealants, tapes and glues we’ve made the task even easier for you.

Repair Tape

Pond liner tape is typically used to conjoin pond liners together but can also be a handy tool for stopping your pond liner leaking. Pond liner repair tape is a fish-safe double-sided tape, ideal as a quick trick to stop a leak and maintain your pond lining.

Pond Liner Repair Patch

The best and most recommended way to repair your pond liner is to use a pond liner repair kit. Useful for both small and medium-sized liner holes, pond liner repair kits provide a repair patch and sealant that you can use to cover over the hole or tear to seal it effectively.

To apply the liner repair patch, you will need to drain the pond down below the affected area and ensure the liner is clean and dry. Then cut the pond liner patch to the correct size allowing around 50mm overlap to the hole. Apply the sealant straight to the patch then position the patch in place and smooth it out to remove any air bubbles to provide a neat, sealed repair patch to the tear. Leave it to set for the recommended amount of time. Sealants often require quite a few hours to develop, which means you’ll need to find a suitable holding place for your fish and pond stock for during this time.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Pond Liner?

Unfortunately, there’s not always a quick fix for larger pond liner holes or tears. If the gap in your liner is too large to patch up, then it could be time to replace the pond liner.

Replacing your pond liner can be a time-consuming process, but if there is significant damage or issues with the liner, then it can sometimes be the only option. There are many benefits to entirely replacing your liner; high-quality pond liner is guaranteed to last years so it can reduce the risk of leakage and permanently repairs any existing tears, holes or damage.

How To Protect Your Pond Liner

Hindsight is always a great thing! If you’ve found yourself tackling a leaking pond and you’ve been able to fix it, then you probably don’t want to have the same trouble for a long time. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your pond liner and stop any sneaky leaks.

Remove Sharp Debris

Tears and holes in pond liner are often caused by sharp debris that builds in the water. This can be anything from sharp rocks to small stones. Keeping on top of your pond maintenance and removing the waste quickly, will reduce the number of chances the debris have to cause damage to your pond liner.

Use Pond Underlay

A layer of protective pond underlay creates an effective wall between soil and your pond liner. This wall stops roots, stones and rocks from coming into contact with the liner over time as well as any other hard surfaces from damaging the liner material, all whilst providing extra padding and protection to the lining of your pond.

Pond Liner Importance

Pond liner is a critical factor of your pond’s construction that provides a healthy and happy environment for your pond stock to thrive. Make sure you keep track of your pond water levels to locate any liner leaks quickly to avoid having to overhaul the pond liner completely. Although some damage is often unavoidable, keeping your liner clean and maintained will make sure you can follow our tips to quickly fix a small tear in your liner before it’s too late.

Explore our full range of pond liner and underlay that, when looked after well, is guaranteed to build a pond that is made to last.

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