Correct Aquarium Water Temperature

If only there was a simple answer we could provide you with when considering what temperature your aquarium should be! Water temperature is vitally important to the health of your fish, which is why it is so dependent on what type of fish you choose to house in your tank. The temperature controls the type of environment your fish live in, can affect their metabolism and is intrinsically linked with their overall health. We’ve put together some general advice, but do ensure you thoroughly research the best environment for your fish type’s specific needs.

Fish are cold blooded animals and they don’t have the ability to regulate their own body temperature meaning they are crucially dependent on your tank’s water temperature. There is typically a temperature range that is ideal for your particular type of fish, if you stick to this range your fish should be able to thrive and enjoy their environment. However, if your fish’s water temperature is altered or drastically reduced, they can become temperature-stressed, which can cause a lot of problems. This is why ensuring you have an aquarium thermometer is vital as you can easily check your water temperature daily.

Generally, a good water range for your aquarium would be 25 degrees celsius to 27 degrees celsius. But, there are different ranges of temperatures required for differing fish types. Here’s some general advice to follow, but remember to always check on your specific fish type:

Freshwater Aquarium Water Temperature

Freshwater aquarium temperature should be between 22 degrees celsius and 28 degrees celsius with midrange being preferred. Research what your specific fish need temperature wise, as there can be slight variations needed.

Saltwater Aquarium Water Temperature

Saltwater fish are used to the oceanic waters from all around the world; which makes their temperature choice a bit more complicated still, 26 degrees celsius is a general temperature that you should be aiming for for saltwater fish.

Goldfish reaching at the top surface of a fish tank

How to Control Water Temperature in an Aquarium

The best way to keep your aquarium’s water temperature under control is by using a heater. Once installed, an aquarium heater will help keep your water temperature at a stable number and ensure the safety of your fish. Using one in conjunction with a good thermometer will ensure that you can keep a close eye on your aquarium’s health much more easily and regularly. Browse our great range of heating equipment that will be the ideal helping hand you’ll need to keep your aquarium water temperature under control.

A few other tips regarding your aquarium’s water temperature:

  • Ensure your aquarium isn’t placed in direct sunlight – not only does sunlight encourage algae growth it can also affect your aquarium’s temperature as it is an uncontrollable, external factor.
  • Don’t place your tank near any other heat source i.e. radiators, you need to make sure you can keep your tank’s temperature as stable as possible.
  • Be aware that some aquarium lighting can alter the tank’s temperature and keep an eye on this.

The biggest thing to remember when considering your tank’s water temperature is to thoroughly research what type of fish you want to keep. Each fish type has personal, specific needs that must be adhered to to ensure they are kept safe, harm-free and healthy. With regular care and monitoring, your water will be the perfect temperature and provide your fish with a healthy environment.

Check out our range of aquarium water testing kits to make sure your water is not only at the right temperature but is a toxin free environment for your fish!

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