Can you have a small pond without a pump, filter and UVC?

A pump combined with a filter and UVC can be the perfect way to stop your pond, big or small, from becoming a stagnant, murky green eyesore. Keeping your pond water moving with a pump will help keep it oxygenated and prevent stagnation. Combine the pump with a filter and UVC for a crystal clear healthy pond environment. When constructing a smaller pond it can be confusing trying to decide what features are necessary. As there are a few factors that will decide whether or not your small pond needs a pump and filter, here at Pond Planet we thought we’d put all the information together to help you to decide and make caring for your pond even easier.

Why should I have a pump and filter in my pond?

A pump and filter with UVC will not only help the appearance of the pond water but they are also beneficial in maintaining your pond’s ecosystem and reducing the negative impact that debris, algae and other waste matter can have on it. A pump pushes water out of the pond through the UVC and into the filter so debris and algae can be mechanically removed and harmful fish waste filtered out.

How A Pump and Filter Benefits Fish

If you are planning on habiting fish in your small pond, it could be crucial that you install a pump and suitable filter system. The pump and filter not only help filter their excrement from the water but also helps keep the pond oxygenated at the correct levels for them to survive.

Ponds in Sunlight Need a Pump, Filter and UVC for Clarity

If your pond is going to be in direct sunlight for a long time it is also a good idea to purchase a pond pump and filter with UVC. Sunlight increases the amount of green water algae that is likely to grow in your pond and without some form of filtration system this will quickly lead to clarity issues and a pond which compares to pea green soup.

How Else Can You Keep A Pond Clean?

Maintaining your pond can be made much more difficult without a pump and filter – but it is still possible!

Preventative Maintenance

There are a few things you can consider prior to installing your pond that can reduce the need for a pump and filter such as:

  • Choose the right type of cover for your pond – when building your pond consider where you place it. It can be difficult to find shade that isn’t underneath a tree which will fill your pond with leaves; but, the more cover you can get for your pond the better!
  • Feed fish little and often to reduce excess waste and uneaten food which can promote algae growth. Feed fish only what they can eat in a 5 minute period and remove any uneaten food after this time has elasped.

Pond Plants

If you opt out of buying a pump and filter there are a few ways pond plants can help keep it clean. Planting some submerged and floating plants in your pond can help as they act as natural light filters, creating shade for the pond, reducing sunlight, in turn helping reduce algae growth. Pond plants also remove nitrate and phosphate from the pond which are the vital nutrients algae needs to grow. The more nutrients the pond plants take from the water, the less the algae can get which will hinder its growth and reduce the problems that it can cause.

Other Methods of Cleaning

  • Manually clean your pond – without a pump or filtration system your pond will need regular cleaning manually. We have a range of nets and grabbers that can help make this much easier for small ponds.
  • Special additives – there are a range of pond treatments you can choose from that help to purify and clean smaller ponds. With a range of products to choose from there is a simple way to help achieve clearer water and remove harmful waste levels from your pond.

Recommended Pumps

If you’ve decided that your small pond would benefit from a pump and filter then we can help you to try and choose your starting point from the masses of pump options availble. At Pond Planet we stock a wide range of pond pumps from leading brands that will keep your smaller sized pond spick and span:

Water Feature Pumps

Water feature pumps are designed to service any small water feature your pond has. Water features help to oxygenate your pond. Some water feature pumps can be ideal to help pump water around a smaller pond. For example, the Oase Aquarius Universal Classic 1000 Water Feature Pump. is ideal for small water features. This compact pump has an adjustable flow rate that allows you to control the speed that the water is pumped around your pond; efficiently oxygenating the water, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.

Water Fountain Pumps

Similar to water feature pumps, water fountain pumps create a decorative visual effect for your pond whilst still helping to move the pond water around effectively. Available in a range of capacities, the fountain pumps can be utilised to move water around most size ponds. For example, the Hozelock Cascade 450 Fountain Pump which also operates an anti-clog, foam free strainer cage that requires a low amount of maintenance.

Filter Pumps

Filter pumps are the most commonly used type of pump; to keep the pond water flowing 24/7 and to assist in keeping your pond clean. Filter pumps are beneficial in comparison to water feature pumps because they can cope with larger solid waste and debris, helping to remove them from your ponds ecosystem. These pumps are ideal for feeding filtration systems to help keep your pond healthy and crystal clear.

The size of your pond will determine the size of the pump required. For those ponds on the smaller side the Hozelock Aquaforce 1000 Pond Pump could be a good option. With the capacity to handle solids up to 6mm and a Wildlife Protection System, it is a useful pump that prevents smaller fish and other pond inhabitants such as newts and frogs from getting stuck in its cage whilst keeping a continuous water flow.The main thing to remember is to keep your pond clean! Whichever way you choose to do it you need to consider the wildlife that makes your pond their home and make sure they’re well looked after. Whether you look at maintaining your pond yourself with our cleaning tools and pond treatments, or you choose to invest in a pond pump, filter and UVC, at Pond Planet we can help make caring for your pond easier!

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