7 Benefits of Having A Garden Pond

Frog sitting on a lillypad

Toying with the idea of installing a pond? If you’re still on the garden fence about it, let us tell you about all the wonderful benefits of having a garden pond; you might just find yourself being persuaded.


A garden pond is a surefire way to bring your garden to life, and is the only real way to bring a truly natural feel to your outdoor space. Besides these very compelling reasons, here are seven more valuable benefits of having a garden pond:


  1. They Look Great


Starting with the obvious, there’s no escaping the fact that garden ponds look simply stunning. The sparkling, rippling surface of a pond in the summer sunshine is a truly delightful sight, not to mention the beautiful focal point it adds to your garden. When surrounded by flowering plants, reeds and water lilies, a garden pond is a visual treat of colours and textures, plus a great source of botanical fragrances to enjoy while sitting in your garden. Need we go on?


  1. They’re a Friend to Wildlife


There are few delights that measure up to the joy of seeing wildlife exploring and enjoying your garden. Somehow it makes us feel special and incredibly privileged; and so it should. A garden pond is a true wildlife magnet, providing homes, breeding grounds, bathing spots, food and a watering hole for all manner of creatures including birds, frogs, toads, newts and insects. It’s always great fun to spot these beautiful creatures in your garden, and it’s a very rewarding feeling to know you are helping your local wildlife thrive.   


  1. They Use Up Empty Space


If you’ve got a particularly large garden it’s common to see large expanses of plain patio or lawn, which is quite uninspiring as well as a waste of good outdoor space. This is where the garden pond becomes a great option, as it makes use of that empty space in a natural way that benefits the environment. Besides, less grass to mow and smaller expanses of patio to wash and weed can’t be a bad thing.  


  1. They’re Incredibly Relaxing


Relaxation soundtracks aren’t filled with the sound of babbling water for nothing. Water noises are famously very calming and enjoyable to listen to, so installing a pond with a water feature is the perfect way to turn your garden into a haven of tranquility and peace. Think of it as a natural source of stress-relief for your home; you’ll find you’ll want to spend a lot more time outdoors with a garden pond to enjoy.  


  1. They Provide an Enjoyable Hobby


Planted and stocked ponds require periodical maintenance in order to thrive, which provides you with a great home project to get your teeth into. Building the pond is an enjoyable project in itself, and watching the plants grow and establish themselves over time is very rewarding indeed. If you stock your pond with goldfish and koi you can also enjoy caring for them, breeding them and watching them grow into happy, healthy adults. Pond keeping can become very addictive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to install a second pond later down the line.


  1. They’re Educational


There are few better ways to educate children about wildlife and water safety than with a garden pond. We all remember dashing to the end of the garden on a sunny day with a pond net and some jars to find and observe water creatures, and ponds are a great way to inspire and encourage children’s natural curiosity about wildlife. Ponds are also excellent tools for teaching children about our responsibility for caring for the environment, plus as a way to remind them about how to behave safely around bodies of water.


  1. They Increase the Value of Your Property


Even if you’re not considering moving home anytime soon, it can’t hurt to increase the value of your property while you live there. Property sales can be won or lost solely on the appearance of the garden, so adding a beautiful ornamental pond is a sure way to add that ‘buy me’ wow factor to your property and increase your chances of making a speedy house sale in the future.  
Persuaded? We thought so. Take the next step and start planning your garden pond construction with our pond planning guide, or check out our pond supplies store to find everything you could ever need to bring your dreams of a garden pond into stunning reality.

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