CO2 Diffusers

Planted aquariums require CO2 supplementation to keep plant life in top condition, so we’ve assembled a range of CO2 diffusers, CO2 kits and other aquarium plant treatments to help them thrive naturally. Browse our extensive range of equipment, including CO2 diffusers, CO2 cartridges, pressurised CO2 kits and indicator kits, perfect for ensuring your aquarium plant life receives the levels of carbon dioxide it needs. You can also find a range of planting equipment and essentials, including special substrates, root tabs, fertilisers and plant supplements frmo brands like Aqua Source, so you can create a flourishing underwater garden with ease.

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To create and maintain flourishing underwater gardens in your aquarium you will need to supplement the tank with CO2, as it cannot generate sufficient amounts on its own. Planted aquariums require CO2 to keep the plant life in top condition, which is where CO2 diffusers and other planting equipment come in useful.

CO2 Kits and Aquarium Plant Treatments from Top Brands

Our collection of CO2 diffusers, pressurised CO2 kits and indicator kits help you make sure your tank achieves and maintains the correct levels of carbon dioxide needed by your plants to survive and thrive. Here you’ll find equipment and aquarium plant treatments from some of the best brands in the industry including Fluval, Tetra, Seachem, API and NT Labs. With the help of these aquatic experts, you can provide the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

Alongside the CO2 equipment you will also find an extensive range of planting equipment and essentials, including specialist live plant substrates, root tabs and fertilisers. Keep your plants happy and healthy with our selection of plant supplements, including iron, nitrogen and potassium, and keep them neat and tidy with our range of plant care tools.

If you need assistance in choosing the right plant treatments and CO2 kits for your aquarium, give our experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419 for extra help and advice.