Unipac has an extensive range of pet care products and has grown from its humble beginnings to be considered the leading manufacturer and distributor of aquatic and reptile substrates here in the UK.

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The brand name Unipac has become synonymous with excellence in pet care. Their range of superior products includes aquarium substrates, reptile substrates and small animal bedding, each boasting the highest quality and performance for you and your pet. Unipac manufacture the majority of their products right here in the UK at their factory based in Northampton. All products are produced under strict quality controls to the highest standards with materials imported from around the world using only sustainable sources.


As the UK's established leader in Aquarium Substrates Unipac aims to produce a range of products which are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Their huge range of sands, gravels, rocks and pebbles cater for both beginner and experienced aquarium enthusiasts alike. Sop whether its Natural Gravel, Coloured Gravel, Fluorescent Gravel, Natural Sand, Coloured Sand, Driftwood, Aquatic Rocks or Stones Unipac have it all.


Recently Unipac have developed their exciting range of Replica Decorative Products. These beautiful replica rocks and driftwood pieces cleverly imitate nature allowing you to create your very own realistic underwater world without the drawbacks of real rock or wood. Each piece is inert meaning it won't adversely effect the delicate PH balance or discolour the water within your aquarium. They are also extremely light weight making them very easy to use and removes the danger of potential damage to your delicate glass aquarium. Choose from the range which includes replica Corals, Live Rock, White Base Rock, Suteishi Rock and Okiishi Rock for an aquarium with a realistic look that you can be proud of.