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With over three decades of aquatics experience, Seachem produce expertly formulated additives and water treatments for both freshwater and tropical fish tanks. Our Seachem range features an extensive selection of essential salts, water test kits, gravels, buffers and additives that improve and maintain water quality, guarding your fish from harm. You’ll also find a selection of Seachem fish foods and plant supplements to keep your aquarium fish and plant life healthy and happy. Whether you’re a first-time fish keeper just starting out or an experienced hobbyist, our Seachem range has all the essentials for aquarium start-up and maintenance.

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As the water treatment brand of choice for fish keepers across the UK and the world, Seachem has over three decades of experience in developing aquatic chemical products. Combining scientific knowledge and a true passion for the hobby, Seachem has developed a range of chemical treatments and other essentials for keeping fish and other aquatic life happy, healthy and flourishing.

Professional Water Treatments For Beginners and Experts

Our Seachem product range has everything you need to keep your aquarium water in top condition. With starter kits for fish keepers just starting out and a large selection of essentials chemicals and treatments suitable for all levels of hobbyists, Seachem has everything covered.

Here you can find everything from ammonia water test kits and essential salts to buffers, additives and water treatments. We also stock a selection of expertly formulated Seachem fish and shrimp food, along with plant supplements to keep your aquarium inhabitants well nourished.

Seachem’srange of chemicals and treatments help guard your fish against harmfulbuild-upsof ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and phosphate, and work tostabiliseyour tank environment to prevent illnesses and other common problems such as ‘New Tank Syndrome’.Seachem’smotto of ‘Just add water, we’ll do the rest’ is highly accurate. Its product range is designed to be extremely easy to use, with clear dosage instructions and plenty of essential information, providing education as well as high quality products.

If you’re not sure which Seachem products you should use for your marine or freshwater aquarium, give our experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419 for more advice and information.

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