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Ensure you are using the right type of media for your pond filter with our excellent selection of Pond Filter Foams & Media below. Using the corresponding media for your filter will mean the health and appearance of your water will always be in excellent condition.

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Types of Pond Filter Media & Foam

When it comes to keeping your pond healthy, it is vital you maintain a clean pond filter. Filter foams and media sit inside the pond filter itself, sieving out anything that may pollute the pond water - materials include fine particles of dirt, debris and silt. We are home to a selection of media that can be used together to thoroughly clean your pond and ensure any toxins are removed from the water.

Mechanical Media - Usually a sponge or pad, this form of media is used to strain out any debris or dirt, leaving the water clean and healthy.

Chemical Media - Additional chemicals are used to neutralise any odors within the water and any other aspects of the pond.

Biological Media - Helpful bacteria are able to spread on the surface area of materials such as pads, creating a helpful way for bacteria to feed on any chemicals produced and released by plants or fish.

Maintain a clean pond with our range of filter media & foams

If you’re in need of further guidance before you purchase the filter media or foam for your pond, why not give our experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419 for more help. Alternatively browse our complete range of Pond Filter Spares for more ideas.