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Based in Essex, England, Nishikoi is renowned for bringing pond owners and fish enthusiasts everywhere only the best quality food and products. At Pond Planet, you’ll discover a brilliant range of Nishikoi fish food, fish food accessories and pond treatments, all of which have undergone stringent research to ensure that your fish are provided with a quality diet full of essential minerals and vitamins, as well as the best quality water in which they can thrive without the effects of algae and blanketweed.

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Nishikoi strive to bring Pond and Koi keepers the very best, quality foods and treatments. All Nishikoi products are packaged in water resistant re-sealable jars, their foods maintain freshness and vitamins, offering your Koi the best quality food you can find. Nishikoi also have an extensive range of products effective in fighting blanket weed and algae, all of which are chemical-free and totally natural. With a wide range of products including Nishikoi Pond Flake, Staple, Growth, Sinking, Goodbye Blanket Weed, you're sure to find just the right Nishikoi product for your fish.