JBL started in 1960 and has grown rapidly to become one of the largest suppliers of aquarium, terrarium and pond products. Today JBL supplies 60 countries worldwide and boasts over a 1000 products within its range coupled with over 300 spare parts.

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Why Buy JBL?

JBL runs its own research center, employing experienced scientists, and also organises annual research expeditions to the home areas of the aquarium and terrarium animals, so as to build up our knowledge first hand.

JBL has developed into a global player and is currently supplying 65 countries, some of which deliver our products into further countries.

To produce one good product relies on hard work. But to manufacture a whole series of good products requires a perfected production process and intensive quality control measures. The standards at JBL are very high: If a product has a complaint rate of more than 3 percent, the production is immediately stopped and the product withdrawn from sale. Then it is examined and, if necessary, a product recall will be initiated. A retention sample is kept from each batch produced, so that, in case a problem occurs, the batch can be checked.

JBL manufactures all food, care and remedy products, as well as water tests in its own plant in Neuhofen/Pfalz. Only the manufacturing of technical products has been outsourced, but the assembly and the function control are again carried out in the Neuhofen plant.