If you’re sick of the endless battle against algae, we recommend investing in pond accessories such as Dyofix pond dye, a selection of which you’ll find here at Pond Planet. With the help of these proven pond dyes, you’re effectively able to filter spectrums of light that are needed for photosynthesis, thus resulting in little or no growth of algae. At Pond Planet, we stock Dyofix Blue, Black and Shadow in a variety of SGP dosage strengths, so whatever the size of the pond or lake, you’re able to win the battle against algae blooms.

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Dyofix pond dye 

Control the algae in your pond with our range of Dyofix pond dyes here at Pond Planet. Dyofix pond dye works by filtering sunlight to disrupt photosynthesis, subsequently blocking the growth of algae and weeds in ponds and small lakes. Preventing and removing algae in your pond can be a time consuming and difficult task. If chemicals aren’t used in precise doses, they can cause their own issues within your pond. That’s where Dyofix pond dyes come in. Free of pesticides, herbicides and safe for fish, amphibians, insects and wildlife, Dyofix pond dyes are an excellent, non-toxic solution to algae build up. 

Dyofix pond dyes in all colours

Choose from a range of Dyofix pond dye colours in our collection, including Dyofix Blue, Dyofix Black and Dyofix Shadow. With a choice of SGP dosage strengths, you can ensure you can tackle unsightly algal bloom in all ponds, small lakes and fisheries.

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