Week 8: Swordtail


This week‘s Fish of the Week is the ever popular Swordtail.


These brightly coloured fish originate from Central America and get their name from the long, sword-like point which males have on their tail fins. The Swordtail is one of the larger live-bearing fish and can reach sizes of up to 12cm in length.


We would recommend a minimum tank size of around 80 litres. Swordtails should be kept in water temperatures between 22°C and 28 °C with a pH of around 6.5 to 8 being ideal.


These fish can be kept by beginners and advanced aquarists alike and will breed readily given the correct water conditions. Swordtails are a great addition to planted community tanks and will get on well with most other community fish.


Swordtails are omnivorous meaning they will eat most live, frozen and flake foods, but will also benefit from the inclusion of additional greens in their diet.

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