Week 6: Red Cherry Shrimp


This week‘s Fish, or should we say Shrimp of the Week is the Red Cherry Shrimp.


These attractive dwarf shrimp are native to Taiwan and usually grow to around 1 inch in length. Due to the cherry shrimps small size they are a popular addition to Nano aquariums and a tank size of around 10 litres is fine for a small group.


Cherry shrimp can be kept in most aquariums with a variety of fish species including some larger species as long as hiding places are available.


Cherry Shrimp are naturally omnivores that feed on biofilm in the wild. In the aquarium they will readily accept most types of food, making them a great clean-up crew.


Tank water temperature should be between 16°C and 28°C with a pH of 6 to 8 being ideal.

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