Winter Care


The Pond Planet Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Care

As the winter months drag in, there are a whole new set of rules that you need to follow for taking care of your pond. So, whether you’re a newbie that’s just gotten your pond started or a seasoned pond professional, brush up on our top do’s and don’ts of winter pond care today to find out exactly what you should and should not do. For more tips and advice, don’t forget to read our comprehensive winter pond care guide online now. DON’T Bang on the Ice If you weren’t... Read More


How to Care for Your Pond Fish in Winter

During those cold winter months, your fish’s welfare can become a concern. With temperatures plummeting into the minus degrees and pond surfaces freezing over, people often worry about what happens to your pondlife beneath the ice. It’s in this time that your fish will enter a state of semi-hibernation, resulting in their activity levels decreasing and their metabolism reducing, this means that generally, you won’t need to feed your fish during winter, but it doesn’t mean that they need less care. Our expert team here at Pond Planet have compiled... Read More

Autumn Pond Care

With Autumn well under-way the change in weather signals the need for winter preparation. Ponds Should be covered with a Pond Cover Net to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting on the pond surface and polluting the water. This will help reduce the build up of sludge which in turn helps maintain good water quality and minimise algae growth for the season ahead. Alternatively make use of a Pond Skimmer to remove debris before it sinks to the pond base. Deep water pond plants such as lilies should also be pruned this... Read More

Pond Advice September & October

The days are starting to get shorter and the warm summer breezes are slowly becoming cool fall gusts. The desire to cosy up inside by a flickering fire, with a hot cup of cocoa and good book is growing strong. But before you settle in for the winter there are a few things that need tending to. Your pond needs to be properly prepared for the winter months. At this time of year it is a good idea to give your Pond Plants a little attention to keep your pond looking at its best.... Read More