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How to Water Test your Freshwater Aquarium

If you’re new to the world of fishkeeping, then you may not be too familiar with water testing your freshwater aquarium. You may even be wondering if water testing is necessary at all, but to sum it up, yes, it is! Water testing is critical in newly set up aquariums to avoid fish loss. This can occur due to rapid rises in nitrate and ammonia. But even in established aquariums, you still need to upkeep regular water testing to ensure healthy living conditions for your fish. Water tests are so... Read More


Do You Have Green Aquarium Water? Here’s How To Fix It

What is green aquarium water? If your aquarium water is discoloured and you’re unable to see inside your aquarium then you’re suffering from green water. That unsightly green and cloudy aquarium water is caused by algae. Algae is a common form of aquatic plant life found in most aquariums in varying quantities. In small amounts it is harmless and a source of food for some aquarium creatures. But if allowed to bloom and build up, it can turn your aquarium water opaque, blocking out natural light and potentially causing harm... Read More