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    Laguna Clear Flo Pump and Filter Kits

    Pond Planet Direct are proud to be registered as an Laguna Elite Dealer. Laguna is dedicated to innovative product development and customer satisfaction. Their extensive product range and superior quality reflects a…

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    End Of Summer 2012

    Pond Planet York and Pond Planet Direct have continued to grow and thrive this year despite the poor economic outlook and even worse weather conditions, achieving our best year yet!! Looking…

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    Pond Oxygen Levels

    Here at Pond Planet we know how vital oxygen is to all aquatic inhabitants whether they are Koi, goldfish, tropical / marine fish or bacteria. Fish, plants, decaying matter and other aquatic inhabitants all…

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    Pond Planet Says Hello To The World Of Blogging!

    Welcome to the all new Pond Planet Blog. Our Blog will feature News, Tips, Tricks and Product Reviews on all things pond!! We have some really exciting things planned for both Pond Planet Direct and Pond…