Pond Filters

Image of two koi fish swimming through a pond, one following the other by its tail 08/09/2022
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How to Install a Pond Filter: The Secret to a Healthy Pond

Behind every healthy pond is a high-quality pond filtration system. Working proficiently behind the scenes, they ensure a clean and habitable environment where fish and other pond inhabitants can thrive. But do you really need a pond filter? After all, the great lakes and rivers in nature don’t need one – so why do you need a filter in your garden? And, how do you install a pond filter? If you’re in the process of building a pond in your garden, these are just a few of the questions you... Read More


How often should you clean a fish tank with a filter? Tank Filter Maintenance Tips

Your tank filter is the most important piece of equipment in your aquarium – so much so that not having one could be catastrophic for your fish. It is responsible for removing dirt, debris, and fish waste, ensuring a habitable environment for fish. It also oxygenates your tank water and supports the nitrogen cycle, making it an essential component to the survival of all aquatic life. However, installing a tank filter is not the be-all and end-all of a healthy aquarium, as improper filter maintenance can be as detrimental to... Read More


The Best Pond Filters and Why You Need One for your Pond

When it comes to choosing the right pond filter, you may think that the decision will be an easy one to make. But you might find yourself surprised by the number of quality pond filters available on the market. At Pond Planet, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of choice when it comes to reliable and efficient pond filters, but how do you choose which will be the best option for you? If you have found yourself trying to decide which pond filter to use in... Read More


A Beginner’s Guide To Pond Filters

Here at Pond Planet, we’re here to help beginners understand all they need to know about pond filters. From choosing your pond filtration system to understanding how pond filters work and even to the basics of cleaning your pond filter; this guide has it all. Once you’ve given our guide a read, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to implement your pond filtration system and be on your way to having a healthy pond. Why Do You Need A Pond Filter? A pond filter’s main aim is... Read More


How To Hide A Pond Filter

A pond filter can be hidden using several techniques, but we’d always recommend disguising your pond filter using an artificial rock cover to allow for easy access to the filter when maintenance is necessary – without compromising on the natural appearance of your pond. Whilst a pond filter plays one of the most important roles in keeping your pond clean and habitable, it can also be a huge eyesore – especially if your ultimate aim is to create an all-natural looking pond. The main problem here is that in order for... Read More


The Difference Between Box Filters & Pressure Filters

If you currently have a pond in your garden then you’ll know the importance of a high quality filtration system. In this day and age there are many types of pond filtration available, from In Pond Filters to Box Filters, Multi-Bay FIlters, Pressure Filters and Drum Filtration. With so many options on offer we are going to focus on box filters and pressure filters, identifying the key differences and helping you choose which system is best for you. It is important to remember that a filter is an integral part... Read More

Laguna Clear Flo Pump and Filter Kits

Pond Planet Direct are proud to be registered as an Laguna Elite Dealer. Laguna is dedicated to innovative product development and customer satisfaction. Their extensive product range and superior quality reflects a commitment to anticipating and fulfilling the needs of pond enthusiasts. Part of the Laguna product range includes the Laguna Clear Flo-Kits. These pump and filter kits are made up of an ideal combination of a Laguna Max-Flo pond pump and a Laguna Pressure-Flo pond filter.