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The Ultimate Pond Liner Guide

If you’re looking for all the information you could need on pond liners; then you have come to the right place. Here at Pond Planet, we have put together a comprehensive guide that answers all of the most frequently asked questions on pond liners. From the basics of pond liners to how they should be installed and maintained, you will find all of the best tips and advice here. Once you have learnt all you need to know about pond liners, don’t hesitate to explore our varied collections available online... Read More

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How to Install Garden Pond Liner in 6 Easy Steps

Installing your garden pond liner might be the job that’s been putting you off from creating the perfect garden pond. If it is, then have no fear. Here at Pond Planet, we’re here to help! Ponds need pond liner to keep the water in a stable vessel and stop it from leaking out. The waterproof sheet of fabric is used to transform the hole you’ve excavated into a garden pond. It is bought in sheets that you can fold to fit your pond shape, creating the perfect base for your... Read More


Pond Advice for May & June

May and June bring around warmer water temperatures, longer days and increased sunlight which can lead to serious algae problems. Pond Keepers can suffer from green water algae or blanket weed. These can continue to persist throughout the summer if not controlled properly.

Laguna Clear Flo Pump and Filter Kits

Pond Planet Direct are proud to be registered as an Laguna Elite Dealer. Laguna is dedicated to innovative product development and customer satisfaction. Their extensive product range and superior quality reflects a commitment to anticipating and fulfilling the needs of pond enthusiasts. Part of the Laguna product range includes the Laguna Clear Flo-Kits. These pump and filter kits are made up of an ideal combination of a Laguna Max-Flo pond pump and a Laguna Pressure-Flo pond filter.

End Of Summer 2012

Pond Planet York and Pond Planet Direct have continued to grow and thrive this year despite the poor economic outlook and even worse weather conditions, achieving our best year yet!! Looking to the future we will be working hard with leading suppliers to bring you the leading pond equipment at even more amazing prices! You can see all our current products from the likes of Oase, Laguna, Blagdon and Lotus on our website. As well as a huge range of pond equipment we have a complete range of Pond Treatments and Fish Food from... Read More