Fish Food


The Beginner’s Guide to Fish Food

For happy and healthy fish, it is your responsibility to ensure you’re feeding them the best and most appropriate fish food.  But with so many options available, we understand that it can be confusing deciding which fish food is the ‘right kind’. At Pond Planet, we are committed to ensuring our customers have thriving aquariums, which is why we have put together the beginner’s guide to fish food. Here you will learn about all the different fish food types, which you should choose, and what is the most appropriate option... Read More


Autumn & Winter Pond Feeding

With pond temperatures dropping, now is the time to think about switching to a Wheatgerm Fish Food. Wheatgerm Food is easier for your pond fish to digest and much lower in protein than that of summer Growth Foods. Wheatgerm food is used to help build up fishes metabolism in the Spring and gradually help slow it down in the Autumn before the winter sets in. Wheatgern Fish Food should be fed to all pond fish when the pond water is between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius. Below 4 degrees Celsius you should cease feeding pond fish... Read More


Pond Advice for May & June

May and June bring around warmer water temperatures, longer days and increased sunlight which can lead to serious algae problems. Pond Keepers can suffer from green water algae or blanket weed. These can continue to persist throughout the summer if not controlled properly.