Pond Care: Seasonal Summer Maintenance

Pond care is incredibly important throughout the year, and it’s no secret that different seasons pose different challenges for pond owners and aquatic enthusiasts the world over.

Our team at Pond Planet have already bestowed all you need to know on caring for your pond in winter, but what about pond care in summer? In the warmer months, algae can soon begin to accumulate and your pond runs the risk of quickly becoming an overgrown eyesore; here’s how to combat the effects of warm weather and care for your pond in summer.

Keep Water Topped Up

As sense might suggest, hot weather will cause water to evaporate. This means that the water level of your pond will drop, while it will also result in a decrease in oxygen levels as well as less room for your pond’s inhabitants too.

Regular topping up of water levels when necessary will help keep your pond life in prime condition throughout the summer months. Tap water contains harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine as well as heavy metals which can be dangerous to your fish and other pond inhabitants.

Therefore when topping up your pond we always recommend the use of Pond treatments such as dechlorinators to aid in the removal of harmful chlorine and heavy metals to make tap water fish safe.

Keep On Top of Algae and Vegetation

Increased sunlight will also mean an increase in your pond’s plant life, namely algae. Algae grow notoriously quickly, and in the summer months especially, pond algae will spread rapidly and blanket the water’s surface if not kept on top of.

This will block sunlight passing through the water, impacting plants beneath the surface, as well as decreasing oxygen for your pond’s fish.

It’s also important to manage other vegetation around the pond. Old water lily leaves and reeds will decay quicker in the summer months, a process which can increase nitrogen levels within the water, turn the water green and build up layers of sediment on the bottom of your pond, not to mention some other rather malodorous effects! Blanketweed control products and green cloudy water treatments are ideal for aiding in keeping on top of things.

Ensure Your Pond is Well-Balanced and Well-Filtered

In addition to a healthy balance of the right pond vegetation, a good quality pond filtration system will ensure that the water is kept both clean, clear and healthy.

Another means of encouraging a healthy pond is to install a pond pump, this helps to aerate the water, simultaneously pushing the water through the filter system for cleaning.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a different style or more visual impact, a pond fountain pump performs a similar role by breaking the water’s surface, oxygenating the pond and circulating the water.

If there’s any other pond keeping tips you require or any other information on the amazing range of pond products available here at Pond Planet, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

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