Pond Advice for May & June


May and June bring around warmer water temperatures, longer days and increased sunlight which can lead to serious algae problems. Pond Keepers can suffer from green water algae or blanket weed. These can continue to persist throughout the summer if not controlled properly.

UVC clarifier’s are the most effective way to control green water. These devices work alongside a Pond Pump and filter to remove green water algae from ponds. A good tip is to make sure you replace your UV Bulb at the start of each pond season to keep your UVC working effectively. Blanket weed is best controlled with a suitable treatment such as Cloverleaf Blanket Answer or Evolution Stop Blanket Weed.

At this time of year fish will start to feed more actively as the water warms up. Feed only enough Fish Food to be consumed within five minutes to avoid surplus food polluting the pond. It is important to monitor water parameters as feeding is increased. Weekly Water Tests should be performed for Ammonia, pH, Nitrite and Nitrate throughout the summer.

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