Pond Advice August 2012

With more typical weather forecast for this time of year, this month could finally be the time we get out and enjoy our ponds and gardens.

A summer of rain has stifled most efforts to get out into the garden. With better weather on the horizon make sure to complete any unfinished pond jobs, such as filter maintenance and changing your UVC lamp.

If you haven’t managed to you carry out your annual pond clean? Now would be an ideal time to use a pond vacuum to remove silt and debris from the pond base. This will improve water quality, oxygen content and help reduce excess nutrients within the pond.

With the poor weather most ponds haven’t suffered from the usual string algae blooms. Unfortunately with better weather comes improved sunlight and temperatures which increases the threat. Using a proactive blanket weed treatment such as Cloverleaf Blanket Answer early, can make a huge difference in keeping your pond free from the dreaded blanket weed.

Last but not least make sure to get out there and enjoy your ponds!

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