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The Difference Between Box Filters & Pressure Filters

If you currently have a pond in your garden then you’ll know the importance of a high quality filtration system. In this day and age there are many types of pond filtration available, from In Pond Filters to Box Filters, Multi-Bay FIlters, Pressure Filters and Drum Filtration. With so many options on offer we are going to focus on box filters and pressure filters, identifying the key differences and helping you choose which system is best for you. It is important to remember that a filter is an integral part... Read More


Autumn Pond Advice

Autumn is now in full swing Now is the time to: Switch to a Wheatgerm Fish Food Protect your pond from falling leaves with a Cover Net Prune back pond plants Use a Pond Vac to remove excess debris from your pond Prepare for the cold winter months and invest in a Pond Heater


Pond Advice for May & June

May and June bring around warmer water temperatures, longer days and increased sunlight which can lead to serious algae problems. Pond Keepers can suffer from green water algae or blanket weed. These can continue to persist throughout the summer if not controlled properly.

Laguna Clear Flo Pump and Filter Kits

Pond Planet Direct are proud to be registered as an Laguna Elite Dealer. Laguna is dedicated to innovative product development and customer satisfaction. Their extensive product range and superior quality reflects a commitment to anticipating and fulfilling the needs of pond enthusiasts. Part of the Laguna product range includes the Laguna Clear Flo-Kits. These pump and filter kits are made up of an ideal combination of a Laguna Max-Flo pond pump and a Laguna Pressure-Flo pond filter.

Autumn Pond Care

With Autumn well under-way the change in weather signals the need for winter preparation. Ponds Should be covered with a Pond Cover Net to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting on the pond surface and polluting the water. This will help reduce the build up of sludge which in turn helps maintain good water quality and minimise algae growth for the season ahead. Alternatively make use of a Pond Skimmer to remove debris before it sinks to the pond base. Deep water pond plants such as lilies should also be pruned this... Read More

End Of Summer 2012

Pond Planet York and Pond Planet Direct have continued to grow and thrive this year despite the poor economic outlook and even worse weather conditions, achieving our best year yet!! Looking to the future we will be working hard with leading suppliers to bring you the leading pond equipment at even more amazing prices! You can see all our current products from the likes of Oase, Laguna, Blagdon and Lotus on our website. As well as a huge range of pond equipment we have a complete range of Pond Treatments and Fish Food from... Read More

Pond Advice September & October

The days are starting to get shorter and the warm summer breezes are slowly becoming cool fall gusts. The desire to cosy up inside by a flickering fire, with a hot cup of cocoa and good book is growing strong. But before you settle in for the winter there are a few things that need tending to. Your pond needs to be properly prepared for the winter months. At this time of year it is a good idea to give your Pond Plants a little attention to keep your pond looking at its best.... Read More

Pond Oxygen Levels

Here at Pond Planet we know how vital oxygen is to all aquatic inhabitants whether they are Koi, goldfish, tropical / marine fish or bacteria. Fish, plants, decaying matter and other aquatic inhabitants all consume this vital source of life. Aquatic plants produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. The rate of photosynthesis is dependent upon light levels which means the amount of oxygen in a pond fluctuates daily. Oxygen levels are usually at their highest at midday and lowest just before sunrise. Oxygen depletion in a pond is the result of demand... Read More


Pond Advice August 2012

With more typical weather forecast for this time of year, this month could finally be the time we get out and enjoy our ponds and gardens. A summer of rain has stifled most efforts to get out into the garden. With better weather on the horizon make sure to complete any unfinished pond jobs, such as filter maintenance and changing your UVC lamp. If you haven’t managed to you carry out your annual pond clean? Now would be an ideal time to use a pond vacuum to remove silt and... Read More

Pond Planet Says Hello To The World Of Blogging!

Welcome to the all new Pond Planet Blog. Our Blog will feature News, Tips, Tricks and Product Reviews on all things pond!! We have some really exciting things planned for both Pond Planet Direct and Pond Planet York, so stay tuned!