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Pond Oxygen Levels

Here at Pond Planet we know how vital oxygen is to all aquatic inhabitants whether they are Koi, goldfish, tropical / marine fish or bacteria. Fish, plants, decaying matter and other aquatic inhabitants all consume this vital source of life. Aquatic plants produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. The rate of photosynthesis is dependent upon light levels which means the amount of oxygen in a pond fluctuates daily. Oxygen levels are usually at their highest at midday and lowest just before sunrise. Oxygen depletion in a pond is the result of demand... Read More


Pond Advice August 2012

With more typical weather forecast for this time of year, this month could finally be the time we get out and enjoy our ponds and gardens. A summer of rain has stifled most efforts to get out into the garden. With better weather on the horizon make sure to complete any unfinished pond jobs, such as filter maintenance and changing your UVC lamp. If you haven’t managed to you carry out your annual pond clean? Now would be an ideal time to use a pond vacuum to remove silt and... Read More

Pond Planet Says Hello To The World Of Blogging!

Welcome to the all new Pond Planet Blog. Our Blog will feature News, Tips, Tricks and Product Reviews on all things pond!! We have some really exciting things planned for both Pond Planet Direct and Pond Planet York, so stay tuned!