How to Install Garden Pond Liner in 6 Easy Steps

Installing your garden pond liner might be the job that’s been putting you off from creating the perfect garden pond. If it is, then have no fear. Here at Pond Planet, we’re here to help!

Ponds need pond liner to keep the water in a stable vessel and stop it from leaking out. The waterproof sheet of fabric is used to transform the hole you’ve excavated into a garden pond. It is bought in sheets that you can fold to fit your pond shape, creating the perfect base for your garden pond’s long life.

Prepare your pond

The best thing you can do when installing your pond liner is to prepare. You’re only at a stage where you’re ready to install your pond liner if your pond has been excavated and the plumbing is in place. Trying to lay pond liner too early will cause significant problems and could end up causing rips and punctures through the liner itself.

If you’re just starting the process of building your own pond, check out our pond building guide for an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on the construction process! You’ll also find everything you need to build your own pond in our Construction range, from pond pipe fittings to pre-formed ponds.

Calculate how much pond liner you need

Trying to line a pond when you haven’t got enough liner is going to be frustrating, tricky and downright impossible. Luckily, we’ve even made this step easier for you. Our Pond Planet pond liner calculator helps you figure out just how much pond liner you’re going to need, as well as important tips on how to protect your pond liner and how to calculate overlap.

All you need to do is measure your pond’s width, length and depth, and we’ll do the rest. Once you’ve calculated the size of pond liner you require, then it’s time to choose the best pond liner for you.

At Pond Planet, we have a fantastic selection of pond liner and underlay for you to shop, making building your pond easy. Our liner and underlay products are of the highest quality, ensuring a sturdy foundation for your pond that will last!

Choose your pond liner

There are two main types of pond liner: PVC pond liner or rubber pond liner. 

PVC pond liner

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pond liner is best for small garden ponds, most likely ones that don’t have any water features or waterfalls. It is a lightweight material that isn’t very elastic but can mould itself to the shape of your ornamental pond.

Rubber pond liner

Rubber pond liner is a durable and flexible option that is ideal for a wide range of pond shapes and sizes and is usually the most recommended. The rubber moulds to the curves of your pond and can create quite a snug fit. It can survive a long time under the sun and is often easier to fix when mishaps occur. Rubber pond liners are generally thicker than PVC liners but are still more elastic and flexible in use.

Install pond underlay

Underlay is crucial to keep pond liner punctures to a minimum! 

Under the soft soil you’ll have dug up when excavating your pond, you will find a harder ground level that includes rubble, stones, and rocks. Pond underlay protects the liner from any sharp stones or objects that can come up through the soil and split it. It also creates a cushioned underlining for your pond to settle into over time, stopping old garden plants from uprooting into your pond liner and causing any other problems later in time.

Once you’ve removed as much of the harder soil level as possible and smoothed the base of your point, it’s time to install underlay. Depending on the underlay size, you may need to slightly overlap sheets for full coverage. Simply, layer the underlay sheets into your excavated pond hole, ensuring that it is smooth all over.

Pond underlay is a fantastic way to protect your liner. However, if you want your liner to last, pond pumps and filters are essential. They will filter your pond and keep your waters free of damaging debris! At Pond Planet, we’ve got pond pumps and filters in various sizes, so we’re confident you’ll find one to suit your pond.

Got your underlay down? Now, you’re ready for pond liner.

Installing your pond liner

As you’ve already measured and chosen your liner, you should be ready to install it.

Lay your chosen liner into the hole on top of the underlay. Secure it in certain places around the edge to stop it from moving or falling. Just the same as when you installed your underlay, smooth the liner out and avoid it from gathering in corners, contouring it to the shape of your pond’s curves.

During this process, you should leave extra pond liner around the edges of your pond to make sure you don’t overcut the liner before you have finished the installation.

Once you reach this point, start filling the pond with water. This will allow you to use the weight of the water to pull and fold the liner to achieve the best finished look. Continue this process until you are fully happy and the pond is full.

Once full of water the liner is ready for a final trim, making sure to leave enough to secure it in place using your desired edging.

Edging the pond liner

The final steps are to ensure the pond liner is edged properly around the pool. This will complete the finished look, creating a pond to be proud of in your very own garden!

Our range of pond sealants, tapes, and glues offers everything you need to create a smooth and secure edge, including pond rim tape, ground spikes, and more.

You can also use decorative rocks to keep the liner in place around the pond and to cover it up. Leaving pond liner exposed directly to the sunlight will weaken it and make it more prone to damage – which will cause all kinds of problems when maintaining the pond.

And there you have it!

Top tips for installing pond liner

  • Try not to tread on the pond liner with your feet whilst you’re laying it, you could end up damaging it before it’s even installed.
  • Smooth out pleats of bunched-up pond liner as you install it for a pristine finish.
  • When cleaning your pond, avoid using rakes or other sharp objects that might damage the liner.

Build the perfect pond with Pond Planet

Pond underlay and liner are crucial in setting up your pond.

Making sure that they are smoothly laid, cover the full pond and are perfect for your pond type will make the world of difference. The right choices that you make at this stage of your pond construction will pay off for years to come!

Looking to add the perfect finishing touches to your pond? Bring your pond to life with our fantastic selection of pond plants. From marginal plants that decorate pond edges to deep water and oxygenating plants that play an essential role in the livelihood of your pond, shop it all at Pond Planet!

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