Fluval Product Focus: The All-New 07 Series

Fluval have a knack for producing a huge variety of fantastic aquarium products, and the 07 Series is no exception.

The world’s best-selling canister filter has been “redefined and redesigned” for its 7th incarnation, and as Fluval approaches its fourth decade of producing canister filters, our team at Pond Planet take a closer look at the latest offering from the pioneers of aquatic products.


Fluval 407 External Aquarium Filter

Fluval have always listened to their customers, and through taking onboard consumer feedback throughout the years, they’ve fine-tuned their products and turned critiques into priorities of design refinement.  

With the 07 Series, we see the pinnacle of this refinement in each of their products, from the compact 107 External Aquarium Filter right up to the largest filter in the series, the FX6 External Aquarium Filter.

New Design Features

    • Easy-to-use reinforced fibre quick primer
    • Easy setup with pre-assembled impeller cover
    • ‘EZ-LIFT’ media baskets for less mess and quick access
    • An increased pre-filter surface area by 30% for superior filtration
    • Upscaled vibration-dampening feet stabilisers for enhanced filter case protection
    • ‘Aquastop Valve’ and raised lip that will not twist or break
    • Quick release, fibre reinforced lift lock clamps
  • Re-engineered, precision-crafted pump for quieter performance

Fluval 107 External Aquarium Filter


One of the standout attributes of the 07 Series’ performance is just how quiet these canister filters run. In fact, through clever re-engineering and forward-thinking design, the 07 series has proven to be up to 25% quieter than its predecessor.

This is achieved by employing cutting edge manufacturing with the highest quality materials, both of which combine to also deliver powerful pump performance and reduced energy consumption.

    • Quiet – Precision crafted and reworked pump mechanisms coupled with brand new rubber feet stabilisers work in tandem to reduce noise levels by up to 25%.
    • Powerful – The 07 Series can generate between 550 and 1500lph of constant pump power and pressure, depending on the model type.
  • Efficient – Though extremely powerful, many of the 07 Series filters require as little as 10 watts of energy to run, that’s the same as a single LED lightbulb!

Reliable & Efficient

One thing’s for certain, Fluval is a trusted brand when it comes to the build quality, longevity and reliability of their products. Over the years, they’ve grown into the market leader in aquatic filtration, and for good reason too.

The 07 Series celebrates this heritage by being their most ergonomic and efficient line of external aquarium filters to date. They manage to pack an impressive amount of features into each model’s robust and durable housing, with every facet of the Fluval 07 Series being fine-tuned to deliver exceptional performance and easy operation.

Fluval 07 Series Maintenance

Mess-Free Maintenance

Nobody likes cleaning out grimy, slimy aquarium pumps and filters, and such is the importance of this, Fluval has developed their 07 Series to ensure filter maintenance is quick, clean and easy.

    • Aquastop Valves – Twice as strong as the 06 Series, the Aquastop Valve features durable plastic ribbing and a raised lip design for seamlessly smooth operation.
    • EZ-LIFT Media Baskets – Able to be lifted with just one finger, the comfortable centre handle makes removing the aquarium filter media stack quick and mess-free.
    • Lift-Lock Motor Head Clamps – Single action Lift-Lock clamps comprised of fibre-reinforced material allow for both quick release and reattachment.
  • Quick Primer – Now 7 times stronger thanks to a fibre-reinforced priming handle, this brand new design requires fewer pumps to engage while a larger handle makes startups effortless and quicker.

Pond Planet Thoughts

For us, one of the top selling points for the new Fluval External Filter range is, similarly to previous models, the 07 Series comes complete with filter media meaning that you can get started straight out the box. The new, larger pre-filter is also a big improvement on the earlier editions, extending the time between cleaning and therefore massively reducing filter maintenance.

The 07 Series also saw the exciting introduction of the resin infused filter pads, these help to control specific aquarium issues such as ammonia and nitrite spikes as well as high phosphate levels. The new pads will be invaluable to aquarium keepers and provide an easy and simple way to remove toxic traces of ammonia and nitrite as well as reducing unwanted algae growth by lowering phosphate.

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