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How to Look After a Pond in Winter

Freezing weather can be problematic for pond enthusiasts, but knowing how to properly maintain and care for your pond during the winter period will make this time of year much easier to handle. Following the cleanup of the autumn leaves, pond owners should immediately turn their attention to protecting their livestock, pumps and filters during the harsher winter months. To help you with proper pond care in winter, we have put together an all-you-could-need guide full of helpful tips and advice. This guide will cover all aspects of winter pond... Read More


How to Care for Your Pond Fish in Winter

During those cold winter months, your fish’s welfare can become a concern. With temperatures plummeting into the minus degrees and pond surfaces freezing over, people often worry about what happens to your pondlife beneath the ice. It’s in this time that your fish will enter a state of semi-hibernation, resulting in their activity levels decreasing and their metabolism reducing, this means that generally, you won’t need to feed your fish during winter, but it doesn’t mean that they need less care. Our expert team here at Pond Planet have compiled... Read More


Autumn & Winter Pond Feeding

With pond temperatures dropping, now is the time to think about switching to a Wheatgerm Fish Food. Wheatgerm Food is easier for your pond fish to digest and much lower in protein than that of summer Growth Foods. Wheatgerm food is used to help build up fishes metabolism in the Spring and gradually help slow it down in the Autumn before the winter sets in. Wheatgern Fish Food should be fed to all pond fish when the pond water is between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius. Below 4 degrees Celsius you should cease feeding pond fish... Read More