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Pond Sludge Tips: What is Pond Sludge and How to Remove It

If you are looking for the answers to all of your pond sludge questions, then you have come to the right place. Here at Pond Planet, we are dedicated to answering all of the questions and queries of pond owners across the country to bring you the tips and advice you need. So, if you have found that pond sludge is your latest enemy, then keep reading to find out how to remove it,  and most importantly, what pond sludge even is? What is Pond Sludge? The question on everybody’s... Read More


The Pond Planet Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Care

As the winter months drag in, there are a whole new set of rules that you need to follow for taking care of your pond. So, whether you’re a newbie that’s just gotten your pond started or a seasoned pond professional, brush up on our top do’s and don’ts of winter pond care today to find out exactly what you should and should not do. For more tips and advice, don’t forget to read our comprehensive winter pond care guide online now. DON’T Bang on the Ice If you weren’t... Read More


How to Get Rid of Algae in a Pond

For every pond keeper, there is one word that instils terror in their entire beings. Algae. This entirely unwelcome plant life will invade your pond, turning water green and leaving a sludgy film that obscures your beautiful fish and plants in the water. Plus, not only is algae an unsightly and unpleasant distraction in your pond water it can also be very harmful to your pond life as it is known to deplete valuable oxygen. Algae can turn pond keeping from a therapeutic hobby into something that feels more like... Read More


Pond Netting: Why Pond Netting is Important and the Best Type to Buy

Here at Pond Planet, we pride ourselves on offering all of the best quality equipment and tools for our customers to maintain healthy and thriving ponds. But, this doesn’t stop at your pond being first built and set up. Once you have your pond ready, there is more important maintenance and care that you need to be aware of. To help you with this, we have put together the Pond Planet guide to pond netting. An important part of your regular pond maintenance that you might not have even known... Read More


The Best Pond Filters and Why You Need One for your Pond

When it comes to choosing the right pond filter, you may think that the decision will be an easy one to make. But you might find yourself surprised by the number of quality pond filters available on the market. At Pond Planet, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of choice when it comes to reliable and efficient pond filters, but how do you choose which will be the best option for you? If you have found yourself trying to decide which pond filter to use in... Read More


How To Remove Blanket Weed

Blanket weed is a significant problem in ponds. Not only does it look unappealing, but it can also overwhelm plants and pond life you may have in your garden pond. Blanket weed can be a sign of imbalance in your pond, so eliminating it before it takes hold is essential. Any keen aquatic enthusiast knows how detrimental blanket weed can be to a pond. However, if you’re unfamiliar with this major pond problem, keep reading to find more. What Is Blanket Weed & Where Does It Come From? There are... Read More

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How to Build an Outdoor Pond Waterfall

If you have a pond in your garden, then you already know what a sight it is all year round. Whether the water is rippling under the summer sun or an icy frost is sparkling in the winter, a pond is a stunning feature for any garden. So, how can you make it even more of a focal point with added beauty? The answer is simple. Not only are outdoor pond waterfalls a pleasing aesthetic, but they are also effective in keeping your pond water oxygenated. Plus, the soothing sounds... Read More


Oxygenating Pond Plants

Plants are the perfect way to keep your pond ecosystem balanced and healthy. Oxygenating pond plants (or oxygenators) are the best type of pond plant you can choose to keep your pond healthy. Not only do they provide more oxygen to your garden pond, but they also create safe habitats for wildlife and inhabitants of your pond to live under the water. Here at Pond Planet, we’ve got a great range of pond planting products as well as this handy guide to assist you in creating a garden pond that... Read More

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How to Install Garden Pond Liner in 6 Easy Steps

Installing your garden pond liner might be the job that’s been putting you off from creating the perfect garden pond. If it is, then have no fear. Here at Pond Planet, we’re here to help! Ponds need pond liner to keep the water in a stable vessel and stop it from leaking out. The waterproof sheet of fabric is used to transform the hole you’ve excavated into a garden pond. It is bought in sheets that you can fold to fit your pond shape, creating the perfect base for your... Read More

Pink pond plants and water lilies 24/05/2021

The 5 Different Types of Pond Plants and The Best Ways to Plant Them

Pond plants are a wonderful way to bring your pond to life. They encourage wildlife, inspire relaxation, and provide a beautiful focal point that all will enjoy. From oxygenating pond plants that help to maintain your pond’s environment to floating pond plants and plants that decorate pond edges, there’s an array of pond plant types out there. However, are pond plants necessary? How many pond plants do you need? And, how do you plant them? At Pond Planet, we’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to plant pond plants.... Read More