Fish Food


The Beginner’s Guide to Fish Food

For happy and healthy fish, it is your responsibility to ensure you’re feeding them the best and most appropriate fish food.  But with so many options available, we understand that it can be confusing deciding which fish food is the ‘right kind’. At Pond Planet, we are committed to ensuring our customers have thriving aquariums, which is why we have put together the beginner’s guide to fish food. Here you will learn about all the different fish food types, which you should choose, and what is the most appropriate option... Read More


Benefits of Wheatgerm Fish Food

First of all, what is wheatgerm fish food? Wheatgerm is essentially the embryo of the plant – the reproductive part that germinates and grows new vegetation. As a food source, it’s naturally high in complex fats, vitamins, and minerals, while it also contains slow-releasing carbohydrates. When compared to the simple sugars which feature in most germ-based fish foods, wheatgerm aids fish in maintaining their fat stores – something that is essential during the cold, winter months. Why use Wheatgerm? As the seasons move on and temperatures get colder, your koi... Read More


Pond Fish Food Koi

We all feed our Goldfish and Koi a fish food….. But what makes the difference between a good fish food and a bad one? This article identifies Pond Fish Food ingredients and what each aspect of the food promotes in your fish. Proteins Proteins are constructed of amino acids. Amino acids benefit the recovery of damaged tissue, a good growth and the production of eggs and seeds. There are 20 amino acids, 13 of which are of importance to Koi. A protein shortage disturbs the Koi’s growth. It may even lead to a... Read More