Be Prepared This Spring


Spring will soon be here!

There are a few maintenance jobs you should do in preparation to get your pond ready for the forthcoming better weather:

Check List

  • Visually check that all pond fish look healthy with no visible marks or sores. Use an appropriate Pond Treatment if required.

  • Check for any potential equipment damage that could have happened during the cold weather. Ice and frost can cause damage to pumps, filters, UVC’s, waterfalls, fountains and flexible pond hoses.
  • It is also a good idea to check the pond for any damage. Ice and Frost can also cause damage to pond liners and pre formed ponds.

  • Remove silt and debris that might have blown into the pond over the autumn and winter months, such as leaves, with a Pond Vacuum.
Spring Clean

Spring Clean 1

  • Change/clean filter media if needed, but always clean media in pond water as tap water damages the beneficial bacteria that live in the filter. If you are replacing your filter media; never replace it all at once. Make sure to gradually replace the filter media to ensure that some bacteria always remain in the filter.
Laguna Fertiliser Spikes

Laguna Fertiliser Spikes are ideal for feeding pond plants for the whole growing season with just on effort.

  • Now is the time to change to change UV lamps. The output of a UV lamp decreases overtime and is really only effective for around 12 months. A new lamp is essential to keep the water clear as the days lengthen, the sun becomes stronger and the water becomes warmer
  • As pond temperatures increase above 4 Degrees Celsius restart feeding fish with a wheatgerm based fish food until the potential for any cold snaps has passed.

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