Autumn Pond Care

With Autumn well under-way the change in weather signals the need for winter preparation.

Ponds Should be covered with a Pond Cover Net to prevent leaves and other debris from collecting on the pond surface and polluting the water. This will help reduce the build up of sludge which in turn helps maintain good water quality and minimise algae growth for the season ahead.

Alternatively make use of a Pond Skimmer to remove debris before it sinks to the pond base.

Pond Skimmer

Pond Skimmers are fantastic for removing leaves and debris before they sink to the pond base.

Deep water pond plants such as lilies should also be pruned this time of year to prevent the leaves and stems from polluting the pond as they die back for the winter. Pond Pliers and Pond Scissors make this task much easier and save you having to get wet.

Pond Pliers

Pond Scissors can be used in conjunction with Pond Pliers to make deep water plant plant pruning a breeze.

Don’t Forget Wheatgern Fish Food should be fed to all pond fish when the pond water is between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius. Below 4 degrees Celsius you should cease feeding pond fish altogether.

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