Autumn Pond Advice


Autumn is now in full swing

Now is the time to:

Pond In Autumn

Pond In Autumn

Wheatgerm Fish Food should be fed to all pond fish when the pond temperature is between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius. Below 4 degrees Celsius you should cease feeding pond fish altogether.

Cover your pond with a Pond Cover Net to prevent leaves and other debris from polluting the water. This will help reduce the build up of sludge on the pond base which uses up vital oxygen as it decays.

Pond plants and lilies should ideally be pruned at this time of year to prevent their leaves and stems from polluting the pond as they die back for the winter. Handy Pond Tools such as the Oase Flexi Cut, Oase Pond Pliers and Oase Pond Scissors make this task much easier and save you getting wet.

Use a Pond Vacuum to remove silt and debris that may have built up within the pond over the summer months.

Pond Heater is an essential addition during the colder winter months. Oase and Bermuda Pond Heaters float on the pond surface and effectively keep an area free from ice which stops the build up of harmful gases.

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