Autumn & Winter Pond Care

Preparing your pond for the winter months is an important task. Winter can be a dangerous time for your pond and its inhabitants, especially when the temperature starts to drop and the frost and ice start to creep in.

With that in mind we've grouped together all the products you and your pond may require in the run up to the winter season, here in our Autumn and Winter Pond Care section.

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Autumn & Winter Pond Care

Caring for your pond in the winter is essential to prevent any harm coming to your fish. Our Winter Pond care section puts all the products you may need to accommodate your pond inhabitants during the colder months all in one place.

Pond Cover Nets
Cover Nets are an ideal way to stop unwanted debris falling into your pond during the autumn and winter months. This helps reduce the build up of silt and debris on the base of your pond which is important as when these decay they release gases which can become toxic if allowed to build up in a frozen pond. Cover Nets also help keep your fish safe and out of reach of opportunistic predators such as herons and cats.

Pond Heaters
There are a number of advantages to heating your pond. Our range of pond heaters are specifically designed to stop the surface of the pond freezing over to prevent a build up of toxic gases by allowing for sufficient oxygen exchange, keeping your fish happy and healthy.

Wheatgerm Food
During the colder months you should ideally feed your fish a Wheatgerm Food as it is easier for them to digest in the lower temperatures. Some of our wheatgerm foods also contain garlic and other ingredients which help to improve your fishes immune system.