Fish Tank Pumps & Filters

Aquarium pumps and filters are essential for keeping your aquarium environment healthy and clean for your fish. We offer a complete range of aquarium filters, both internal and external, plus additional accessories such as UV sterilisers, pumps and powerheads. Together they help keep your aquarium water clear and free from harmful toxins and provide essential oxygen to keep your fish happy and healthy. Browse our range of fish tank filters and pumps from the very best brands in the industry, and stock up on the equipment you need for a complete aquarium setup.

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Ensure your tank stays clean and safe for your fish with our complete collection of aquarium pumps and filters here at Pond Planet. Fish tank filters are essential for filtering out harmful ammonia and nitrite generated by fish waste and decomposing food, whilst air pumps provide and maintain optimum oxygen levels in your aquarium.

Filters and Pumps For All Aquarium Types

In our collection you’ll find aquarium filters suitable for tanks of all shapes and sizes. From compact internal filters for those with less storage space, to heavy duty external filters for use in larger tanks, you can kit out your aquarium to your exact specifications.

Our range of aquarium air pumps and accessories is just as comprehensive, with pumps of varying shapes and sizes to suit all tank sizes and volumes. We also provide a complete range of air stones and tubing to work with all pumps, so you can get everything you need right here at Pond Planet.

You’ll find aquarium filters and pumps from some of the leading brands in the industry, including Fluval, Oase, Marina and Interpet, giving you the reassurance of the utmost quality and reliability.

If you need assistance finding the correct fish tank filters and pumps for your new aquarium, feel free to give our experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419 for lots of helpful advice.