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Help improve water circulation and water movement to ensure your aquarium is healthy all year round with a reliable fish tank pump. At Pond Planet our varied range will allow you to invest in a pump that is compatible with your current system.

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As a vital part of any fish tank, an aquarium pump is more commonly used in marine aquariums as a reef tank requires it's total volume to be turned 20 times per hour for healthy coral. However, they can be used in fresh water tanks to provide a more natural environment for your tropical fish. Aquarium pumps are designed to pump large volumes of water around a fish tank or alternatively to pump water from a filter tank and into the aquarium.

How do I choose the best pump for my aquarium?

When it comes to choosing a pump for your aquarium, we would advise choosing a product that is compatible with your current system. Circulation pumps tend to be an extremely popular choice, as they can be used in both marine and freshwater tanks. If you’re looking to ensure your aquarium is both healthy and stable then a circulation pump is essential as not only do they allow fish and plants to thrive in their surroundings, they help create a flow of water more consistent to what fish would experience in the wild. We offer a varied range of fish tank pumps from a selection of the most reliable brands in the aquatics industry, including both Fluval Sea and Oase.

If you are having trouble choosing the best pump for your aquarium, why not contact our experienced sales team on 01642 612419 for more advice.