Aquarium Care & Maintenance

Without regular aquarium maintenance, the state of your tank will gradually deteriorate which can be harmful to your fish. We stock a complete range of tools and accessories for quick and easy fish tank cleaning, including glass cleaners, gravel vacuums, algae scrapers and aquarium polish. You will also find all the accessories needed for successful fish breeding, including fish hatcheries and breeding nets. With proper aquarium maintenance, your fish will lead happy and healthy lives, and your tank will stay looking clean and beautiful.

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Regular aquarium maintenance is essential to keep your fish tank in tip top condition and ensure your fish remain happy and healthy at all times. Fish tanks of all sizes need to be cleaned on a weekly basis to prevent water quality from deteriorating, so you’ll need all the right tools for the job.

Care and Maintenance Equipment from the Experts

To make fish tank cleaning as quick and easy as possible, we’ve assembled a complete collection of aquarium maintenance equipment from some of the leading brands and manufacturers in the industry.

Our range includes essentials like gravel vacuums for removing food and waste particles, glass cleaners, cleaning pads and algae scrapers to remove stains and algae from the inside of your tank walls, and fish nets for removing your fish from the tank during cleaning sessions. You will also find top quality breeding equipment, including breeding nets and hatcheries, to keep eggs and young fish safe and healthy.

Top brands in our collection include Fluval, Marina, BiOrb and Oase, providing the reassurance of the best possible quality and reliability. If you require advice on aquarium maintenance or breeding equipment, give our dedicated and experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.