Internal Aquarium Filters

If you’re looking for a filter for your aquarium that offers convenience and easy setup, choosing an internal fish tank filter could be the best option. As part of our pumps and filtration range, our selection of internal filters are compact and sit directly inside your tank, allowing you to save space with ease. we offer a variety of Internal Aquarium Filters from leading manufacturers such as Eden, Interpet, Marina Oase and Fluval.

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Aquarium filters are essential when it comes to keeping your fish tank clean, healthy and running smoothly. Internal filters remove excess waste and toxins from the water, creating a clean and healthy environment and allowing your fish to thrive. 

Internal filters from leading manufacturers

Internal filters are an ideal choice for those who are looking for an easy installation and low maintenance option, and are often the only option for those who don't have spare storage space outside of the tank. If you find that you do have available storage space around your tank, such as a storage cabinet below, an external aquarium filter may be a better option, as they tend to take up less space in your tank as they only require an inlet and outlet pipe to draw water from the tank and return once it's passed through the filter. As filtration is essential in any aquarium, choosing a filter that will create a healthy environment for your fish should be a top priority. With internal aquarium filters offering a compact solution for filtration, they work by using an internal pump to draw water from the aquarium, feed it through the filter media and return the clean water to the aquarium. We stock a huge range of internal fish tank filters from many leading brands in the industry; from Fluval to Oase, Elite to Marina - we are sure you’ll find the filter that suits your aquarium.

If you're having difficulties finding the correct filter for your aquarium, give our experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419 for more advice.