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Keep your aquarium fish and plants happy and healthy by ensuring they get the light and heat they need. Our range of aquarium lighting, fish tank heaters and thermometers has everything you need to create the perfect aquarium environment for your fish and plant life.

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Providing sufficient aquarium heating and lighting is essential to ensure your fish and plants live long, happy and healthy lives. An aquarium heater will prevent your fish tank water from getting too cold for your fish, and proper lighting helps keep plants, corals and anemones alive.

A range of heating and lighting equipment from the best manufacturers

Our range of LED aquarium lighting and heaters has everything you need to create the optimum environment for your fish and plant life.

Fish tank heaters are an essential piece of equipment if you’re keeping tropical fish, as these help mimic the conditions of their natural habitats. We stock a varied selection of heaters and thermometers from the best brands, including Fluval, Oase, Marina, BiOrb and Interpet, and all are designed for easy installation and maintenance.

Monitoring the temperature of your aquarium water is also very important to prevent the temperature from getting too high or low and harming your fish. Our range includes a selection of the best thermometers, designed to work perfectly alongside your heater and help you keep an eye on temperatures.

Fish tank lights are first and foremost designed to provide vital energy for any photosynthetic organisms within your tank environment, including plants, corals and anemones. However, aquarium LED lights are also highly influential on fish behaviour and general wellbeing, and enables you to see and enjoy the full beauty of your tank.

If you’re not sure about which aquarium lighting and fish tank heater to choose, give our experienced sales team a call on 01642 612419 for more advice.