Aquarium Care

It’s incredibly important that your aquarium enjoys a balanced ecosystem and harbours plenty of “good bacteria”, as it’s through this that your fish and plant life will thrive and grow. Here at Pond Planet, you’ll find an abundance of premium aquarium products to ensure the correct upkeep and a continued healthy balanced ecosystem for your aquarium and its inhabitants. Browse below for a selection of fish food, fish treatment and more from reputable brands such as ALFA, Fluval, Seachem and Tetra.

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An aquarium’s ecosystem is incredibly important, but it’s also very delicately balanced; so what are the best ways to achieve a perfect balance and keep your fish and plant life happy and healthy?

How to Keep Aquarium Fish Healthy

By employing a process called ‘cycling’ you’ll encourage the growth of “good bacteria” that, once established, will balance the chemistry within your aquarium. This process usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks, however, we recommend using a filter starter treatment which can reduce this time down to 1 to 3 weeks.

Begin the process by adding the water along with a suitable dechlorinator to your aquarium, do not introduce your fish yet, instead run the aquarium filter for at least 24 hours to cycle the water. Following this, add in your starter treatment and begin to introduce your starter population of fish. After a few days, we suggest using an aquarium test kit to check the pH levels and amount of potentially harmful ammonia and nitrites in your tank, should the balance be off, remove some water and replace with clean water.

Here at Pond Planet, you’ll find an amazing range of aquarium care products, fish food and fish treatment.