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One of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality fish foods, NT Labs is a highly popular choice for fishkeepers of all experience levels. NT Labs produces fish food of all types, including algae wafers, catfish pellets and floating predator food. Find fish food for a huge variety of fish including fancy goldfish, catfish, tropical fish, shrimp and even stingrays.

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NT Labs is renowned for its wide range of high quality fish foods, and is highly popular with fishkeepers and aquarium enthusiasts the world over. With carefully balanced, scientifically formulated nutrition and the highest quality ingredients, NT Labs fish food will help keep your aquarium fish happy and healthy.

Tailored Fish Food For a Range of Species

There’s something in the NT Labs fish food range for many species of fish and aquarium creatures. From algae wafers and catfish pellets to probiotic foods and both floating and sinking predator foods.

Catering to virtually every type of aquarium fish, the NT Labs range includes food for fancy goldfish, catfish, discus, cichlid and stingray, plus many more carnivorous, omnivorous and predatory fish.

With years of expertise in fish nutrition, NT Labs produces a comprehensive range of scientifically formulated, carefully balanced fish foods using the best natural ingredients. With this range you’re sure to find a food that is perfectly suited to your species of fish, ensuring they get the nutrition and diet they need in order to thrive. Browse our range of NT Labs algae wafers, catfish pellets and food granules online to find the right food to get started, or replenish your stocks.

Not sure which type of fish food you need? Our sales team will be able to help you choose the right products, so give them a call on 01642 612419 if you’d like some advice.