Oase External Filters

If you have the luxury of additional storage space around your aquarium, your fish and plant life will benefit from an Oase external filter. They may be larger than their internal counterparts, but external filters will keep your aquarium water clean and fresh without taking up space inside the tank. We stock a wide range of external filters at Pond Planet, so you can browse our range of Fluval external filters if you want more variety.

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For aquarium owners with a little more space to play with, an Oase external filter is the ideal solution to ensure water is kept clean and fresh. Easily concealed in storage cupboards beneath the aquarium, external filters remove harmful toxins and waste from water without taking up valuable space within the tank.

High quality filtration from a high quality manufacturer

Providing multi-stage filtration for tanks of up to 600L, the Oase external filter range is ideal for the serious aquarium owner. Our Oase range includes the popular BioMaster and FiltoSmart models, suitable for a range of aquarium sizes and water types. Oase external filters also combine biological and mechanical filter media for extra-thorough filtration and superior water quality.

An Oase aquarium filter works by sucking water from the aquarium via a hose, which is included with the filter. It then runs the water through the external filtration system, removing debris and eliminating harmful biological waste, before returning it to the tank via a second hose.

An external aquarium filter is the best choice for anyone looking to set up larger aquariums or to keep more demanding environments, as they are more powerful and provide a higher level of water filtration. They are also suitable for use in both fresh and salt water, and are easy to maintain as they don’t need as much attention as internal filters.

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