External Fish Tank Filters

When choosing a filter for your aquarium, you have a couple of options. If your aquarium is particularly large or you have extra storage space available, such as an under tank storage cabinet, then an external aquarium filter from Fluval may provide the best solution for creating a healthy environment for your fish. We also stock a wider selection of pumps and filtration, so browse today.

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External fish tank filters are an excellent option for those looking to maintain a large aquarium or those who have available storage space as they provide a 'cleaner' look for your tank as you don't require an internal filter - which can sometimes take up valuable space in your tank. If you find that a lot of filtration is needed in your aquarium then this style of filter would be the best option and will create a healthier environment for your fish. 

Why choose an external aquarium filter?

External filters tend to be larger and much more powerful than internal filters, meaning that they offer more support for your fish and generally maintain a cleaner tank - especially if you have a large amount of fish - as they are more efficient at breaking down fish waste. If external space isn’t an issue for you then we'd recommend at least considering an external filter. This popular style of aquarium filter can be fitted underneath the aquarium, such as inside a storage cabinet, providing easy access for maintenance; placing less stress on your fish from disturbance.

At Pond Planet we offer an extensive range of external fish tank filters from a selection of the most popular names in the aquatics industry, including both Fluval and Oase. If you are having trouble choosing the best external filter for your aquarium, why not contact our experienced sales team on 01642 612419 for more advice.