Fish Tank Water Test Kits

Use our extensive range of aquarium test kits to keep a close eye on the water quality in your tank. If left unmanaged, your aquarium water quality can deteriorate, with build-ups of harmful chemicals or changes in pH levels. Our water test kits help you monitor your aquarium for any changes and respond to any problems before they affect your aquarium inhabitants. Browse our range of easy to use aquarium test kits from reliable brands like Tetra, NT Labs and Seachem and stock up on the ones you need.

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Keeping a close eye on your aquarium water quality is an essential part of fish keeping. Our extensive range of aquarium test kits help you test your water for a range of warning signs that could harm or kill your fish and plant life.

Water Test Kits From Top Brands

Testing your aquarium water on a weekly basis will help you detect serious problems before they escalate, such as nitrate, chlorine, ammonia and phosphate build-ups or changes in the pH level in your tank. Our range of water test kits covers all of these problems and many more, giving you an early warning system and allowing you to counteract the issues before they take hold.

Our range includes aquarium test kits from the top brands in the aquatics industry, including Seachem, NT Labs, Tetra, Nutrafin and API, so you can count on each and every product being of the best possible quality. All of the test kits in our range are designed to be very easy to use, making them perfect for beginners just starting out, right through to experienced hobbyists.

If you need more information about our various water test kits and which ones you need to use, give our dedicated sales team a call on 01642 612419 for lots of useful help and advice.