Fluval Filter Media

Aquarium filters need to be well looked after in order to keep them working properly, which means replacing filter media regularly. Fluval filter media comes in a variety of types and materials to suit each model of Fluval aquarium filter, so you can keep your water clean and fresh at all times.

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Whether you’re using an internal or external Fluval filter, you need to ensure you replace your Fluval filter media at regular intervals to keep your filter performing properly. Fluval media comes in a range of materials, including foam and carbon, to suit different filters and purposes.

Fluval filter media for all types of filtration

There are three basic types of filtration: Mechanical, Chemical and Biological, and there are different types of filter media for each. For example, Fluval carbon media is used for chemical filtration, removing heavy metals and odours from the water. Carbon media should be replaced on a monthly basis to avoid bacteria growth.

For mechanical filtration, Fluval foam pads are ideal for capturing large particles and debris during first-stage filtration in a new aquarium. These can be rinsed and reused, but should be replaced at least twice a year.

Fluval bio media is used for biological filtration and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, which eliminates harmful biological waste and reduces ammonia levels in the aquarium. Bio media should be partially replaced every 3-6 months.

Not all types of filter media are suitable for all water types, so make sure you check suitability before you select your filter and media type. Our range of Fluval media includes products to suit all Fluval internal and external aquarium filters, so you can find the right media replacements to suit your requirements.

Not sure about which type of filter media to choose? Ask our experienced sales team for advice by calling 01642 612419.