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If you're looking to get the most out of your aquarium air pump, you'll need to stock up on air stones and airline tubing to get started. We have a selection of air pumps to suit all aquarium sizes; from simple single-output air pumps to those with an adjustable airflow rate and multiple outputs. You can also view our range of air pump accessories from Pontec.

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Adding an air pump to your aquarium will help improve water quality whilst promoting water movement - creating a more natural environment for your fish. In the wild, air bubbles would usually be introduced to the water by a waterfall or current, so this needs to be replicated within the aquarium. For every air pump we sell, there's a range of accessories available to make installing an air system on your aquarium easy. At Pond Planet we are home to a wealth of air pump accessories and airstones for you to choose from, with a selection of well-known brands within the aquatics industry, such as Fluval to Oase, Marina to Betta, offering their products. 

Why do I need an air pump in my aquarium?

Air pumps, and Air stones in particular, create small, oxygen-infused bubbles in your tank which will aid in the movement of the water in your aquarium and improve oxygen levels, which is extremely important for fish development and health. Introducing and air pump can also make the filtration process much more efficient, as higher oxygen levels allow the good bacteria living in your aquariums filter media thrive - creating cleaner and healthier water. 

 Our experienced sales team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding our collection of air pump accessories and air stones. If you’re not completely confident on which accessory will suit your system contact us on 01642 612419 for more advice.