Aquarian Fish Food

Aquarian fish food is the leading brand of fish food in the United Kingdom, fully committed to promoting better fish nutrition and helping your fish live a long and happy life. Aquarian fish food and Aquarian tropical fish food both combine wholesome ingredients with the perfect mix of nutrients and minerals to provide both tropical and coldwater fish with a complete and balanced diet. With the introduction of Aquarian products to your tropical fish tank, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re caring for your fish, inside & out.

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Goldfish Foods

Aquarian offer both flake and pellet options for the feeding of coldwater aquarium fish. Both Aquarian Goldfish Flake and Pellets have been specially formulated using natural ingredients to meet the dietary requirements of goldfish whilst also boosting health and colour.

Tropical Fish Food

Aquarian Tropical Flake is most likely the best selling tropical fish food in the UK. 

Catfish Foods

Choose from Algae Wafers or Sinking Pellets